McDonald’s Mix & Match Deal 2 for $5 Menu | 2022 Special

Mcdonald’s Menu 2 for 5: Are you one of those people who would gladly pay $5 for the best meal at one of America’s best fast food chains? If you answered yes, McDonald’s is the place for you. In 2020, McDonald’s will reintroduce its 2 for $5 menu. This could be highly advantageous to you in terms of lowering your food bills.

McDonald’s, as one of the top fast-food restaurants in the United States, has a lot to offer. Cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and French fries are among the restaurant’s most popular items. Breakfast foods, chicken products, wraps, milkshakes, soft drinks, and desserts are available in addition to these. Salads, smoothies, and fish dishes have recently been added to the menu.

McDonalds Menu 2 for 5


McDonald’s, like every other rival, offers a variety of coupons, specials, and special offers. McDonald’s 2 for $5 is an example of a unique deal that you will never regret purchasing. Let’s get into the specifics.

What is the Price of Macdonald’s 2 for $5?

The McDonald’s 2 for $5 deal is also known as the “McDonald’s Mix and Match” offer. When it comes to luring customers with various promotions, McDonald’s moves quickly. Customers can obtain two great McDonald’s food items for only $5 in a bargain known as “2 for $5.” It is both inexpensive and delectable.

McDonald’s has been inconsistent in offering this fantastic two-for-five promotion at all of its locations. The bargain, however, has made a comeback in 2019 and is still available in a variety of places around the United States. McDonald’s has a Facebook page, a website (, and an app that is accessible for both iOS and Android. You may get a lot of information about the exact deal’s availability in your desired location and even order it online.

What’s on the Mcdonald’s Menu 2 for 5?

McDonald’s has a lot to offer if you’re willing to eat a lot of it. McDonald’s offers some of the best food on the planet, and 2 for $5 includes some of the best of it.

McDonald’s 2 for 5 menu

  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  • Big Mac
  • Filet-O-Fish
  • Chicken McNuggets in Ten Pieces

Some of your all-time favorites are back, and you get to pick two items from the list below:-

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese: The McDonald’s Quarter Pounder is a quarter-pound hamburger (pre-cooked). The burger is made out of a 4.25-ounce beef patty (3 oz. when prepared). Dill pickle slices, raw onions, ketchup, and mustard are added after that. It’s served on a quarter pound sesame seed bun, which adds to its allure.

McDonald’s Big Mac: The Big Mac is the company’s most well-known item. It’s a delectable burger with beef patties, spice mix, pickles, shallots, American cheese, and baby spinach, all wrapped up on a three-part Sesame seed bun. This particular dish is also healthful, as McDonald’s recently declared that the Big Mac would no longer contain any artificial flavors, color, or preservatives.

Filet-O-Fish: A standard bread, a fish fillet patty, tartar sauce, and half-sliced American cheese are utilized in the Filet-O-Fish. The Filet-O-Fish is a delicious dish served on a hot, steamed bun.

Chicken McNuggets, ten pieces: We generally associate this item with being unhealthy. McDonald’s, on the other hand, has made even its chicken nuggets a healthy option. The nuggets are comprised entirely of seasoned chicken breasts, which are a high-protein source ( 10 grams of protein per 4 piece serving). It contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

These four foods are delicious and may satisfy your hunger in a hurry. Pick two of these and enjoy a fun date with your food for only $5.

What are the Famous McDonald’s Deals?

McDonald’s may be the appropriate destination for you if you want to spend little and eat a lot. McDonald’s, widely regarded as one of the top American fast food restaurants, is now offering a number of fantastic bargains.

McDonald’s has a well-known and popular bargain called 2 for $5, which has been quite profitable. The following are a few more:-

  • Any size McCafe coffee is $0.99,
  • and large fries are $1.
  • McDouble for $1.99

On Dec. 30, just as everyone was getting ready to ring in the new decade, McDonald’s kicked in 2020 with a bang by bringing back its 2 for $5 Mix & Match Deal. Unfortunately, the firm does not specify how long the promotion will be available, only stating that it will be offered “for a limited time” at participating McDonald’s restaurants across the country.

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Everyone loves to save money, and McDonald’s has brought it back there to help you stay on track with your 2020 budgeting objectives. For a limited time only at participating locations across the United States, you may mix and match any two of your favorites, including the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the Big Mac, and the 10-piece Chunky Cheeseburger.

McDonald’s is back with a fan-favorite deal to satisfy all your fast food needs in the new year. The McDonald’s 2 for $5 Mix & Match Deal is back, allowing you to eat all of your favorite menu items for a low price. In 2022, get ready to eat some seriously inexpensive bites.

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