Carls Jr Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices [Updated 2022]

Carls Jr Hours: CKE restaurant holding, Inc. operates Carl’s Jr, an American fast-food restaurant brand. Carl’s Jr. is a subset of the fast-food sector that operates in a number of nations throughout the world. Its approximate location is 1,490 meters.

Carl’s Jr’s headquarters are in Franklin, Tennessee, in the United States. Carl’s Jr is known for its quick cuisine, which includes burgers, fries, poultry, soup, and beverages. You and your friends and family can try out these great and scrumptious fast food at a Carl’s Jr store near you.

Carls Jr Breakfast Hours

Carl’s Jr Breakfast Hours: Find out when Carl’s Jr serves breakfast, also known as Carl’s Jr Breakfast Hours. Also included are detailed descriptions of Carl’s Jr’s Breakfast Menu and Carl’s Jr’s Specials Items. The first thing we do in the morning should be distinctive. As a result, breakfast marks the start of a new day of living.

What Time Does Carl’s Jr Open and Close?

Because each restaurant has its own system of regulations and restrictions. Their entry and operating hours are also subject to change depending on their schedule. Carl’s Jr. is open around 17 to 18 hours per day. Carl’s Jr has different opening and closing hours on different days of the week. Carl’s Jr’s opening and closing hours are listed here, and you can verify them up.

As a result, breakfasts are necessary for everyone’s life. So, before you do anything, you must and should eat a healthy breakfast. So, if you’re seeking the best breakfast restaurant, Carl’s Jr Restaurant is an excellent option. You’ve got a lot of breakfast options. There’s also a large selection of breakfast slides, including Little, Large, and Big.

You must now be aware of Carl’s Jr breakfast hours. So, read on to learn about Carl’s Jr. Restaurants LLC’s specific breakfast hours. The Carl’s Jr menu items are consistent across the country, but the breakfast hours vary by location.

Have you ever heard of Hardee’s? I believe you are. The Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants are identical. Furthermore, the restaurants’ menus are identical. Hardee’s, on the other hand, has a wider selection of biscuits. CKE Restaurants owns both enterprises, which is one of the most crucial aspects.

Almost all of the eateries operate on the same schedule. However, some restaurants will not open until 06:00 or 06:30 am. and will begin serving breakfast at 08:30 a.m. Also, Carl’s Jr. Breakfast closes at the same hour as the other restaurants.

Carls Jr Hours & Menu’s with Prices

Item Name Size Price
Loaded Omelette Biscuit $2.99
Loaded Omelet Biscuit (Combo) $4.99
Bacon Egg & Cheese $2.79
Bacon Egg & Cheese (Combo) $4.79
Sausage & Egg $2.69
Sausage & Egg (Combo) $4.69
Monster Biscuit $3.99
Monster Biscuit (Combo) $5.99
Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy $2.19
Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy (Combo) $4.19
Country-Fried Steak Biscuit $2.79
Chicken Fillet $3.59
Chicken Fillet (Combo) $5.59
Loaded Breakfast Burrito $3.49
Loaded Breakfast Burrito (Combo) $5.19
Sunrise Croissant $2.99
Sunrise Croissant (Combo) $4.99
Frisco Breakfast Sandwich $3.49
Frisco Breakfast Sandwich (Combo) $5.49
Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Breakfast Sandwich (Combo) $5.49
Bacon Swiss Chicken Biscuit (Limited Time) $3.79
Bacon Swiss Chicken Biscuit – Combo (Limited Time) $5.79
Bacon Swiss Chicken & Egg Biscuit (Limited Time) $4.29
Bacon Swiss Chicken & Egg Biscuit – Combo (Limited Time) $6.29
Grilled Pork Chop, Egg & Cheese Biscuit (Limited Time) $3.99
Grilled Pork Chop, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – Combo (Limited Time) $5.69
Hardee Breakfast Platter $3.89
Sausage Biscuit 1 Pc. $1.99
Cinnamon ‘N’ Raisin Biscuit 1 Pc. $1.29
Cinnamon ‘N’ Raisin Biscuit 2 Pc. $2.09
Cinnamon ‘N’ Raisin Biscuit 6 Pc. $4.99
Hash Rounds Small $1.39
Hash Rounds Medium $1.59
Hash Rounds Large $1.99
Sausage & Egg Biscuits 2 Pc. $3.50
Sunrise Croissant Sandwiches 2 Pc. $4.00

When Carl’s Jr. Starts Serving Breakfast?

There are a lot of Carl’s Jr restaurants. As a result, not all restaurants will serve breakfast at the very same time. Breakfast is served at different times depending on where you are. Furthermore, Carl’s Jr. breakfast hours on weekends differ significantly from those on weekdays. Many sites begin serving customers at 6:00 am or 6:30 am.

They won’t obey the mentioned schedule in my location; Carl’s Jr breakfast is between 8:00 and 08:30 am. Carl’s Jr. provides meals and dinner till 11:30 p.m. following breakfast.

What time does Carl’s Jr. stop serving breakfast?

When is Carl’s Jr. going to stop serving breakfast? Carl’s Jr. outlets do not serve breakfast at the same time, but they do finish serving it at the same time, which is 10:30 am. Carl’s Jr’s breakfast service ends at 10:30 am. As a result, if you arrive after 10:30 am., you will not be served breakfast.

In addition, following breakfast, the usual lunch menu will begin (10:30 am). In fact, Carl’s Jr’s restaurant members have a brilliant idea to stop serving breakfast at 10:30 am. The rationale for this is that breakfast should be consumed first thing in the morning and not later in the day. As a result, they’ve decided to end the breakfast at the times listed above.

Is Carl’s Jr. Open all day for Breakfast?

Carl’s Jr. will not be serving breakfast all day. However, there is a Burger King nearby that provides breakfast all day.

After 10:30 am., the breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches will be replaced by Breakfast Burger.

Where Can I Find a Carl’s Jr Restaurant Near Me?

Follow the steps below to get Carl’s Jr Breakfast Hours Nearby Me – Carl’s Jr hours near me.

  • To begin, go to Carly’s Jr.’s official website.
  • There is now an option to enter the state/city/postal code, which you should do.
  • As a result, press the search button.
  • As a result, all of the eateries in your immediate vicinity will appear on the left side of the screen.
  • You can also provide your phone number so that you are aware of the restaurant’s opening and closing times. Second, go to the top right of the page and select Locations.

As a result, you will be aware of the restaurant’s working hours and breakfast hours (opening and closing). If you require any additional information, please leave a remark below.

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